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Hi, I'm Chelsea Hoffe


A lifetime of Animal loving

I have adored animals all of my life. I had never thought of caring for pets becoming my full-time job until I was introduced to an App that made it super easy to provide pet services. I enjoyed spending time with all the pets I met while providing these services so much that I decided to become independent from the App and start my own business in pet services. I'm hoping to one day soon gain a spacious property of my own to allow my business to grow and be able to provide a puppy playground for our furry friends! 

A safe and fun place for your pets.

I want to be able to provide your pet with the safest and most fun environment as possible. I have all the supplies your pet will need to enjoy themselves while in my care. From comfort with soft pet pillows and blankets, to fun with toys and treats!

To ensure that your pet is in good hands, I update my knowledge in animal behaviour through various courses and am certified in Animal first aid and CPR. I also have insurance and am permitted by the City of Toronto.

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