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CPR and Animal First Aid

Recently obtained my CPR and Animal First Aid certificate to guarantee your pets safety while using our Pet Services .

Obtained certificate for Pet First Aid and CPR through St. Johns Ambulance.

Trust us

You can trust that we will provide the best care that your pet deserves. We have gained knowledge on what to be attentive to when it comes to caring for your pets. Also, we are prepared to treat wounds, perform AR and CPR.


We are happy to give advice for in-home and outside the fence care for your pets.

It is important to pet proof your home just as you would baby proof your home. There are many different things that a new pet owner may not consider when it comes to preparing for a new pet.

For outside the fence care, you should consider any outdoor accessories for your pets according to seasons/weather change. Dress your pet as you would dress yourself or a child according to weather. You also need to be aware of your surroundings and any possible challenges you can face with your pet. Know your pet and your pets behaviour when it comes to introducing them to the outside world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions for preparing your home for a new animal and for any knowledge and advice on how to keep you and your pet safe in the outside world.​

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