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Winter Wear for our Waggers

We have been fairly lucky this winter when it comes to cold weather and snow/ice. These past few days have been a bit brutal though... its been pretty cold out there and there has been a lot of salt on the sidewalks. We have been super happy to see most of our furry friends out there wearing booties and jackets during our dog walking.

Just like us, animals get cold. The cold can be harsh on their bodies, paws, nose and ears. There are quite a few options out there for us to help protect our furry friends during the cold days.

The number one recommendation for protecting your pups paws are booties! Not just the cold is harsh on their paws but the salt is as well. There are a bunch of different kinds of booties at your disposal, you just need to find the perfect pair for your baby! Our preference is the Balloon booties. They can be found at almost any pet store. We buy ours from Pet Valu. They are easy to put on and tend to be the best for staying on the pups during their walks. If you would like to test out a pair before buying, please feel free to ask us for one of our extra pairs!

If you find that your pup doesn't take to booties very well, you can try a paw protecting wax. There are a variety of waxes out there, not just for paws but also for their nose and ears!

Please, please, please keep your pets protected and warm for the remainder of the winter season!

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